is Entrepreneurship a cool job?

Today I came across an article on the web which  inspired me to write this article.

The Next web conference Keynote  by  Phil Libin

While I was watching the Video Keynote at The Next web . I was thinking  how is it related to the quote which I posted on my twitter two days back.

Here is the quote by – Former President Harry  S Truman

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit”

When You are entrepreneur you carry more responsibility than  any one in the organisation for outside world it looks like you are the boss or (CEO), You can work at your flexible time and You dont have to explain/report to any one.

But the truth is different I totally agree with what Evernote CEO said in today’s conference at The Next web.

As an entrepreneur, you are reporting to all employees and stakeholders of the company including clients, vendors and so on.
As an entrepreneur yes you can work at your flexible time but any 18 to 20 hours of the day you choose.

If you have to make money or work at your flexible time or you are bored don’t start an enterprise.
If you feel there is void somewhere that can be filled by your service or product then go ahead and start an enterprise.

in my view Entrepreneurship is something, one starts with a vision to fill the void with a service or product.
If someone is starting an enterprise with doubts and questions how they are going to survive.W hat they have to face while running the business
then they can never start a business. If one thinks about the need for the service or product strongly then his gut feeling says he can do it, then he should go ahead and start.

As my writing starts is Entrepreneurship a cool job in my view it is not a cool job at all, Entrepreneurship is a most difficult job I know which comes with a lot of responsibilities. But this job will be chosen by high aspirational people to achieve something by sacrificing a lot of things.

As this quote says “It is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us what we are”  in my view Entrepreneurs give up the time , money , effort
to build a successful enterprise. Successful Entrepreneurs will work with only one thing in the mind that is building a great Enterprise everything else will fall in right place.

A successful enterprise creates an echo system with employees, clients, and vendors who will depend on this enterprise. This will happen only because the sacrifices which entrepreneur made towards pursuing the dream of his own. I totally agree with everything else also will play a part in building a company like Team, Money, Strategy, and leadership and so on. But in my view the entrepreneur is the one who took the first step to create all this

If someone is thinking to start a business they should choose between the comfort of paycheck vs pursuing their vision of entrepreneurship.
If he is ready to sacrifice almost everything to build a great enterprise that person will not leave a stone unturned to make that enterprise a Successful one.

Author: Lakamsani