So What is Success means to you?

Someone asked me

“Why do you need to worry when you are successful.”

Success is defined differently from person to person,

Whenever do I ask my self the same question?
What is success to me?
I always end up with the following answer?

For me success is a journey there is no end destination for that journey. Like you reach the destination and you are done.

The joy and learnings you earn through the journey matter most compared to the end result.

For some people, Success is something you attain by hard work overtime. once you attain the success you sit back and enjoy.

It is like you reached your destination and its time to enjoy that success for the rest of life.

As a serial entrepreneur for more than two decades, I have been going through a roller coaster ride. In some businesses I am successful in some I failed. Where ever I failed I learned a few important life lessons that I could have never learned anywhere without failing.

What is success to you?

Author: Krishna Lakamsani