A Mission to help Startup Founders and Job Seekers

Had enough binge watching Netflix and Prime during lock down

So I decided to do some thing different

Came up with few ideas to be productive
finally settled with two

1) Helping few job seekers to get back into jobs.

2) Supporting startups to grow and create more jobs.

I took it as a mission,
I thought my efforts will be paid off if I can help at least one person to get a job or Inspire one startup founder to retain or recruit one employee .

I am amazed to see progress of this initiative.
Wow,I am getting inspired by Inspiring others

Brief summary:
Last few weeks I advised 62 startup founders.

I got DMs from few job seekers that my tips helped them to get job interviews.They are in final stage of getting offer.

On top of all this TopMindz team placed 15 candidates with our clients in last 30 days.

By seeing the above impact.I decided to continue Inspiring others.

May be this is my microflow of ikigai for now.

if you are a founder and think I can help you, Then schedule a meeting here http://calendly.peek.link/iaR
I expect nothing more than a thank you note.

My time is valuable too.So I request you to use it wisely. Planning ahead can be more productive.So please prepare and come.

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Author: Krishna Lakamsani