Why mobile payments are not so popular in USA

I was thinking why mobile payments are not used here in USA when other countries like India using in big way in my recent visit to India I was surprised to see we can book railway reservations right on mobile phone using mobile payment not only that I have seen at least two stores who accept mobile payments there are two companies who support this technologies in India
Www.mcheck.co.in  and www.paymate.co.in they started developing this technology 4 years now why paypal did not think about this till recently I was researching are there any companies who is doing this in. USA I found that there are few companies who does this
Recently paypal launched its mobile payment platform to public , intuit has an option for merchant accounts but Mobile payment system is not used here although there are some companies like www.boku.com www.paymo.com are there I don’t see them have many people use the service.

What my feeling is all this goes back to the point that US has waste majority of people who use internet on computer where as in india people use mostly phones for every thing.
what i have observed is including my self  I fell more comfortable using laptop or computer to buy online stuff rather than the phone.

If you think any other reason why Mobile payments are not popular In USA please leave your comments.

Author: Lakamsani

3 thoughts on “Why mobile payments are not so popular in USA

  1. I agree with you to a great extent that people in US are more hooked to the internet banking unlike India where there are more mobile phone users and hence best use it (or have started using it) for there day to day transaction.
    But then I think that I still go to Walmart for my weekly groceries, I still buy my hoagie at the subway joint or I still refuel my tank at the gas station. This actually gives me extra room to think about the endless opportunities in the land of opportunities. An India based Software company (I was part of it at some point of time) goes an extra mile to do just the same – http://www.c-sam.com/

    To get a clearer picture of the applications I am talking about you can go to this link and see the demo : http://www.c-sam.com/download/demos.html

    I don’t think that all the solutions provided by them are being used in India but they surely are being used in various parts of the world! When the day comes I will be thrilled to see India at that stage.

    P.S. – http://Www.check.com takes me to http://www.synacor.com/ website I think there is some typo in the actual website name.

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