Can you believe that there are only 1,411 Tigers left in India?

India’s national animal is the great tiger and at on point in history, when humans who lived in villages near forests, there has always been fear of these animals. Humans will do anything to keep themselves safe and thus started hunting these tigers, killing them for the sake of safety. Humans are the reason that tigers hide from the world and they are the reason for the tigers’ disappearance.

As I was watching television this weekend I came across an ad by Aircell touching on this very topic: as humans, we must take the initiative to save these tigers. This is how I came to know that there are only 1411 tigers across India. According to Aircell, “The tiger population has dropped to a current total of 1,411 in comparison to 40,000 tigers a hundred years ago.” I feel bad for these animals; after all they have as much right as we do to live on this earth. Our bountiful earth was not made specifically for humans; we share this home, our only home, with every single plant and animal that grows and walks among us.

If we continue on like this, humans will become a direct evil; we will have nothing else on this earth by our side, as nature intended. Our only company will consist of other humans and our man-made computers and robots.

As our natural neighbors, these animals have the right to live, as do we. We should not hurt any animal until we are forced to in a life threatening situation. Don’t harm your neighbors without a cause and they will not harm you.

Author: Lakamsani