Next generation computer

Can any one guess what could be our next generation computer look a like

initial days when computer was found .It was huge and space consuming but today all of us are  using our phones than the computers I feel

Computer can become as small as possible but the important thing in computer is monitor (display) why not scientists who are working on this convert the big screen monitors to some thing which can be displayed in air right in front of us at any time without carrying screens with us

So what I want to say is that the computer cpu size can become as small as pen in our pocket but in the same pen it should have projector where it can display the data  in the air in front of us anywhere any time then this will be a cool device

Let’s see how this computers revolve the human kind. I am not surprised if I see this with in next couple of  years as we all see computer and internet came a long way

Thanks for tuning

Author: Lakamsani