E-Biller Concept is nice and green Idea

I get so many bills every month I hate spending time opening them and writing checks and mailing.So recent few years I started using Billpay from bank account still I see lot of junk in my mailbox . I still need to open them enter the amount in my back account except few billers such Wastemanagement and Comcast.

I was thinking my self if there is service where all Billers come to one place all bill payers pay in that site. it would be nice idea I though but bringing all billers means almost all businesses in USA who serves end users like me and normal users almost every business should enroll here including Town Municipal offices to tax collections and other related collections.

But if some one can do it one day we will have EBillerbox like email inbox what we have today. All bills will come to that box we will open and pay right there. So this was the concept I was thinking so started searching if there is any service provider who is doing this already after searching few minutes I found one interesting website which does more or less same

Check this website it is nice concept all together : http://transactis.com/

Author: Lakamsani