Any service take online Backup of Iphone,Blackberry and my PC all together

Is there any service which can take backup of my files from my pc. Also take backup of my blackberry with connecting my phone to pc.

I would buy if there is an App for my Iphone which can take backup of my phone contacts and all other information including my call log and so on automatically using 3g

same service should offer to take backup of my blackberry contacts ,phone call logs and book marks and so on.

on top of all the same service offers to take backup of my pc files automatically and store in the cloud give me back when ever needed.

All in one back up solution for as small as $70-$80 year would make my buy such kind of service for sure.

If i loose my laptop i will loose lot of my personal stuff so i would pay and also any small business owner would pay as they can not manager separate back up solutions

Please let me know if any one knows such kind of all in one service.

Thank you

Author: Lakamsani