Ways to use Database services in Cloud Computing

Is it realistic using Cloud for Database Services. Which means can we create applications with out having database server inside an enterprise. If all this can be done . What about security and privacy data.

After started thinking about using Cloud computing for database services I keep getting so many questions in my self.

If this is some thing related to web services i think an enterprise would take a step further and giving a shot because there is not much privacy data stored in Webservices . Because web services will fetch data from database when ever needed.

After thinking about how Cloud Computing can fit with in Database area. I came to conclusion by creating Hybrid Cloud Computing which In fact I was thinking to use some thing like this. Since I have worked in E Commerce Architecture for a long time. I always go back and think in E commerce database as an example when ever i was thinking of a database . Any how lets say we have E commerce Database in SQL Server 2005 how can we send this database to cloud  With out compromising any security or privacy related matters.

First of all why should E Commerce platform choose to go for cloud computing .

1) E commerce website traffic pattern and Users on the website changes drastically based on gifting or purchasing sensitive time.

During this time E commerce site may need extra hardware resources which the company should invest upfront for the use of those resources for couple of weeks in an year. So I feel it is good solution to start with cloud since cloud can work as elastic manner it can expand hardware resources on the spot when ever needed. Company is not required to invest on hardware does not incur upfront cost. Rather it will pay for extra usage when ever used in cloud.

based on all these points I strongly feel an E Commerce website can choose to go into cloud.

But now I have another question if we keep the data in the cloud . Do the company have control on its data security and can we guarantee privacy of User data.

May be we can guarantee user data privacy and security as long as the data is in our hands how can we guarantee when the data is sitting in cloud where the owners of the company nor any one knows who has access to it who does not have access to it. I am 100% sure cloud service company IT staff can have access to this data any time they need.

keeping in mind how can we use cloud for Database services with out compromising user privacy and data security. After thinking couple of minutes I feel that we can do this .

In any database there are types of Data 1) Secure and Privacy data 2) Non Secure and Non privacy data what i mean to say Privacy data means it will have customer personal information and other credit card information where as Non privacy data is Company owned data such as Product information ,pricing and availability of products.

any e commerce site if there are 100 users visited the site to buy some thing there only 30 to 40 people end buying maximum.
so 100 times products are queried and showed in the website . This means Non privacy data is queried more and also more hardware required to process the non privacy information .if Non privacy data is kept in cloud and Privacy data kept in company’s control . Cloud computing can be achieved it will cut no of resources required to use will reduce so intern ROI on cloud computer will be achieved in short term.

Author: Lakamsani