5 questions to ask before starting your startup

In last two decades,I have started 5 times from scratch

After exiting my startup every time it is very hard to start from scratch.

But ,

What motivates me is the road ahead with challenges.

I admit that when I started my first startup in New York at the age of 22 i.e 2001.

I was not knowledgable as I am today but I started with passion to face challenges and get joy by solving them.

In the process gained knowledge and experience.

So I coded my e-commerce website with Paypal as payment gateway at nights while working full time job during the day for one of the largest E-commerce company 1800flowers Inc

It was quite a journey.

Based on my experience I thought of sharing five questions one must find answers.

Before starting their journey as Startup Founder.

My Intention is purely Inspiring others.

If I can Inspire even one person to become Startup founder and create one job during this pandemic.

Then my efforts are paid off.

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Author: Krishna Lakamsani