Why I hired someone knowing that he had fake experience on his resume

Sometimes decisions don’t have any backup for showing that, It is the right or wrong decision. Those decisions come out instantly. When time passes, One will keep reflecting on those decisions to wonder whether it was right or wrong. This decision was one of those decisions that I have made, Still wondering if it is right or wrong?

It was in 2013 when we were hiring for one of our start-up IPay Dukanline.

This candidate passed all levels of Interview for QA position in our company that including Written-test, Hiring Manager, and HR Round.

Resume came to my office along with all the previous interviewer’s feedback. Before the candidate walked into the room I reviewed his hiring manager, HR comments along with written test results. For me, everything looked good.

Then comes to the resume part where he mentioned that he had a couple of years of experience in his resume. He has been working for this company since he graduated.

I was curious about the company that was mentioned on his resume. So quickly went to google to search about that company then a website came up matching the name mentioned in the resume. Still not sure if the company name mentioned in the resume and the website the same because the website is not at all professional website by looking at the website one would wonder if they had any employees.

That increased my curiosity went to the MCA21 master data website by the Ministry of corporate affairs to search the company name that’s when I could not find the company name registered with MCA.

Before I made up my mind and while digesting this information for my self, the candidate walks into my office room for the interview.

My first question was when did you complete your engineering. He mentioned he completed it in 2010. As I was suspecting his work experience from my previous research.

So I asked him where is your office he mentioned his office is in one of the suburbs of the city.

I could not hold any more asking directly what I was thinking in mind.

Then I asked him my next question very openly about his work experience and the company name mentioned was fake?

He was shocked initially and after getting his thoughts in line for a few seconds, he answered me saying that.

Yes sir it is fake because I have three years gap after my engineering graduation. No company is ready to give me a chance as I had three years gap.

Every one asking fresh pass-outs from college as fresher. This was the reason I have to create this fake experience to get the interviews. I mentioned fake experience only to get a chance to prove. Not for salary negotiations or truly pose as I am experienced.

So I used this consulting company in my resume to show experience. The truth is that I have never worked for that company.

My next question to him was what if we offer you a job as freshers would you consider the job if we give you an opportunity as fresher.

He said yes. Then and there I wrote on my comment sheet for HR. He has been shortlisted and good to offer a job as a fresher.

Since then whenever I remember that incident. I wonder whatever I did right or wrong. Every time I end up with the following reasons.

1) He made a mistake when asked he openly discussed the truth.

2) He was ready to correct his mistake.

3) I was ready to give him a chance to correct his mistake.

4). He could start his career clean slate.

We all make mistakes but giving one more chance to right people may put things in different perspectives.

Fast forward 7 years. Today he works at MNC with experience of 7 years.

What would you do? If you were in my place. Please comment below.

Would you give a chance to the candidate? Or

Reject him from the job. Want to hear from people here what do they think?

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Author: Krishna Lakamsani