Not getting sleep

Want to do some thing but today learned to work with word press blog

Some how I like word press than blogger in terms of design and blog can be organised in the way I like it

On top of all I am writing this while I am smoking in cold weather from my blackberry how cool is this

What a technology once upon a time I use to run e-commerce business when ever I get an order I mapped to my work pager so that’s how I use to know I got an order don’t think that e-commerce business mean 1000 of orders day I use to do 20 orders a day this was in 2001 that time no blackberry that I can purchase but

I use to run back to computer to send order confirmation I could not spend money to develop one website I did that site on my own sitting like this at night up to 4 am

But in short the technology has become cool

I dream to see we talk and watch each other faces on phone and attend video conferencing using our phone

If that is the case assume any one can attend meeting from virtually anywhere

One day in my life I want to attend that kind fo meeting from my dad’s paddy field sitting under a mango tree

How cool it would be

Thanks for tuning

Author: Lakamsani