Can we copy the success by hiring employees from a successful company?????

Coincidentally I was discussing the same with one of my fellow entrepreneurs over the phone regarding execution and Today I came across an article in Whatever we talk and say there is one important thing called Culture which is very important when building high impact teams.

To build this culture it will take a leader to really work on himself in behaving with his co-workers. Sharing his dream and vision as a team’s vision. This would not come easily, one cannot change his behavior in expressing himself during happy, sad or in an angry situation because this behavior comes from childhood, based on situations where one grows up. But surely one can practice it to get there.

I understand it is important to have good employees come from a similar industry with experience but one should not expect that by hiring most of your employees from competitors it would bring great culture.

Please read this article. It is very good.

Author: Krishna Lakamsani