Doing Business in India is way different from the other side of the world

Doing Business in India is way different from the other side of the world When I started my business first time in US, it took me three days to register my company, 4th day I opened a bank account and 5th day I’m in business. But surprisingly in India it takes a long time to open a business. Things won’t happen on the day which it is promised for which I am totally getting impatient.

I booked some goods and the people promised that it will be delivered to me the same day, but it was not delivered. I understood the policy here in India if someone promises to deliver something to you today; you have to make your mind up that it will not reach you in the next couple of days. I learned people’s ethics and promises don’t stand here in this world.

Surprisingly it took me three weeks to register my business. Although I did business in India since 2003, I really didn’t have to do this local market because the businesses what I had in India were all cost centers for US operations, so there was no money really getting generated out of India rather we spent in India by paying the employees. But in this case, since I’m starting a business in India where we are going to earn the money or make revenues out of India. The entire ball game sets aside and different.

Since that is the case I got myself involved from day one to incorporate in the business, to doing name check and all. I gave a name check to two people in our company. One is our CA (charted account) to look at the company names and another one is our company’s Sectary. Both came with diffident answers. The CA said, “Our register of companies may not accept IPAY Tech in India” but the company Sectary said, “They will accept, I will talk to them.” So, somehow the company’s sectary came back after two hours, so I gave our judiciary system. For this particular thing, it took me 5 days to get my company‘s registration. Then, after registering, we’ve got to apply for pan numbers; we’ve got to apply current bank account.

To open a bank account I don’t understand, why it has to take 5 – 10 days. Literary I spoke to three better private banks and one government bank but none of them are able to open an account in a short span of time. It was very critical. I wanted to take job portal logins, I wanted to issue cheques for them but nothing has happened as expected. It took 15 days almost to activate the account, and get a checkbook, get a Debit card. And still, I cannot use the Debit card by the way, because I have to wait for Net Banking password to login and create a virtual card number.

Well, keeping aside about a bank account and company registrations — Working with partners is another thing here, and working with vendors is another thing. This is the first time in my life I had to wait for three hours each day for two days to pick up our New office LED lights from Electric Light showroom. I usually dont go there my self I have a team who can do this but the situation demanded my presence there to get goods delivered to me which I paid at least 50% of advance. That was very different. In the USA, the customers are treated as Gods but in India, customers are treated as I don’t know what to say. But honestly, I wasted my six hours with the shopkeeper at RaniGunj, Secendrabad, He says this is not America Saab. This is India this is how we all work here. They just give reasons. He does not understand customer satisfaction he thinks he sold us this today he is done he does not think about we going back to same shop and buying more for our next projects. All the time who ever promised to deliver or complete the task today most of them say, it’s happening today, it’s happening tomorrow. And finally when the day comes it they start their tale again, by saying you’ll be receiving it now, now, now, so I waited now, now, now.That now will never become now. In India Now means after 1 hour.
After 1 hour means after half a day . After half a day means tomorrow, Tomorrow means in next two to three days. Indian dictionary has a different meaning. I think I am just behaving strange this how I use to be before I left from india to the USA. Why all those same things seems different today when I come back to india.

Doing business in India is a different experience and I hope I get through. One thing while doing business I think these things are quite common. I opted for it. I will go for it.

This is what I chose, left America, a comfortable life, comfortable businesses, to try to achieve my dream in India.
Why India!? simply I felt that I belong here so I want to live here and make my business.

Author: Krishna Lakamsani