Can Kirana Sell Washing Machines …? We Are Proving That Can Be Done?

Are you wondering how Kirana stores are selling products, which they have never sold before, viz. Washing Machines, Blenders, Dress Material, Shoes, Rice Cookers and Trimmers and so on.

Recently we came up with something very interesting that made us confident enough to sell anything through local kirana stores and touch the sky of success. At first, we were dubious to sell big-ticket items thinking our customers may not buy high-ticket items at Kirana stores. But the truth is very different for the Indian consumer. Based on this, we could not hold trying to launch a new category of white goods such as washing machines. Surprisingly we witnessed that the orders trickled in first few hours of launch!

This made us clear that we should continue selling items through Kirana store, where customer and retailer will have strong personal bonding.

Yesterday we received 2300 orders of different products and since last night we processed 2300 shipments in one day.

We are targeting this month end at least 3000 orders one day to set a benchmark. Surprisingly one of our Retailer who is small Kirana shop owner in Srikakulam district sold 112 E-commerce yesterday. That means one Kirana store could take 112 order and do business worth of Rs 31,580 then whatever we are thinking of becoming true.O nce upon a time we were thinking that our retailer would do max 10 orders a day this example proves two things 1) whatever we thought 10 orders is less 2) Kirana stores can sell anything and everything just not daily needs. When we called to ask that kirana store owner how he could book 112 orders in a day that too all prepaid in cash he happily said I never sold that many orders in regular business since I have take Business in a Box from Dukanline and made my kirana shop as Ekirana I am selling Ecommerce along with my own kirana items I making good money and my customers happy and I am happy. That’s what we want to see in our stakeholders face. Happiness is most important thing that we want to bring in our stakeholders face and Value creation is the core DNA all of us at iPay.These two things make us motivated to come to work every day at iPay.

Dukanline® is one of the vertical that was innovated and pivoted at iPay.
At nascent stage of the concept we had high hope with Kirana stores that it will sell anything & everything, and will make any local Kirana store equipped with inventory at par with any other hypermarket, by providing inventory & service through our Business-in-a-Box Solution.

Dukanline® powered by iPay® is empowering local Kirana stores to sell the items, which are available through iPay’s Market place.

In simple words iPay® marketplace gives huge product categories (many products as inventory as service). Our sellers sell these products.

To know how exactly we work with retailer. How retailers selling Ecommerce through their shop watch this short video: Video1 and Video2

Advantages for Sellers:
• Sellers can reach more customers who are not online.
• Sellers can establish retail channel of distribution in digital inventory as service across all retailers in iPay network.
• Seller is shipping products for the orders, which are pre-paid.
• Seller gets his money earlier than normal e-commerce payments. That will improve cash flow for business.
• Seller can control their inventory and pricing on their own.

Advantage for Retailers:

  • Retailers will be able to sell more products which they have never sold in the past using our Business in a Box solution.
    • Retailers can retain customers and compete with Hypermarkets without spending money on inventory extended store space.
    • Retailer makes money on every sale.
    • Retailer will become one-stop shop in the neighborhood with a personal relationship.

Advantage for Customers:

  • Customers are buying items at local store through relationship.
    • Customers can buy at a cheaper price because iPay® or retailer will not stock the product. The benefit of the same can be passed on to the customer.
    • The customer is pre-paying the order with
    trust and confidence on the local retailer.
    • The customer can save time and money on travel as he does not need to go far to cities and towns to buy items


Author: Krishna Lakamsani