New Mobile App for Car key remote

I was really thinking if some one can develop Mobile App for Car Key remote and Remote Starter. That would be cool.

I know BMW will manage every thing using on board computer where in case BMW is locked you can call BMW assist they can unlock your car remotely. Which means the door unlock and locking mechanism is operated by on board computer. As we all know every car will have small on board computer to keep track of miles traveled and other information related to that car.

If there is way we can establish communication with that on board computer in secure way and integrate the same in software which can be loaded on mobile phone this will be cool App. I would pay at least $50.00 for that kind of app

again this lock or unlock should work only when the phone is around 1000 feet from the car.
If this is the same I would install on my wifes mobile phone one and another on mobile phone configure our two cars so as long as we have cell phone handy we should be able to open the car and start.

This will reduce car keys in pocket extra and easy to use.

I think our car makers should give a thought in this area.


Author: Lakamsani