New Business Idea (Advanced Mobile device)

If some one creates the following mobile device with having all the features as below.

1) Should be able to use Wifi/Wimax/3G
2) Should be able to receive/send emails ( maximum up to 5 emails accounts)
3) Online messenger where all messengers can be connected using one messenger.
4) Voip Phone software to make calls and receive call like small version of skype
5) A small camera where one can take picture and record video
6) Should be built on open source Android platform.

All this above should be available as simple and should cost less.

Device cost can not be more than $40.00
Monthly data usage service for 3G usage will be $20.00
No contract and No tricks

If any one can do this like advanced version getpeek then it would be next for every one because it  will be less expensive.

Author: Lakamsani